MS Office in K’iche’

In 2012-2013 we localised more than half a million technical terms to K’iche’ Mayan for the first Microsoft Office Language Interface Pack 2013 – K’iche’. Work was done with the amazing folks at MTT. Tyox chiwe! Here you can download most of the neologisms that we created for the K’iche’ Language pack.

Download vocabulary (pdf) [draft with many inconsistencies and tYpos]

Get the Language Pack from Microsoft

Facebook in K’iche’

Ckiky Guarchaj prepared an amazing tutorial on installing Facebook in K’iche’ (in Spanish). You can also get the full list and morphology of the neologisms that we created for the translation of Facebook.

Download vocabulary (pdf)

GitHub site of the project

Watch an interview about the translation on TV Maya–Guatemala:

Go to video